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Driven by our passion, curiosity, love of all things beautiful and desire to breathe new life into timeworn objects, our company can furnish your homes with authentic and functioning design objects, vintage pieces with decades of history behind them. 

La Ferramenta” restores and sells vintage slicers produced by Berkel, the historic brand founded by W.A. van Berkel, which from 1898 to 1980 manufactured truly “revolutionary” Meat Slicer Machines, operated mechanically through the manual movement of the flywheel. 

We like to think that our customers take full advantage of all of the qualities of the Berkel manual slicing machines that we sell, whether admiring the polished chromium plating that has been brought back to life or enjoying delicious and authentic flavours in the company of friends and family at home. 

We offer the benefit of our experience while taking account of modern needs; rather than humour you we will tell you if a certain slicer does not fit your needs and help you choose a more suitable one. With time and patience we can look for a rarer machine that better matches your requirements.

We are very dynamic and attentive to innovation; we use technology but don’t let it overwhelm us. The mechanical precision of the cogs has no equal! 

Owning an original Berkel means being part of history, having the chance to pass it down knowing where it comes from. 

Berkel slicers have a hundred years of history. Are you ready to take a trip back in time and discover them??? Enjoy the ride.

Vendita e restauro affettatrici e bilance berkel

Looking for a Berkel slicer? Want to get your Berkel slicer restored?

If you are looking for a vintage Berkel slicer you can contact us and we will be glad to provide you with information on our models, services, opening times and costs. Our company also offers restoration, maintenance and repair services.

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